Coffee Breaks

Do you have a special meeting or conference that you would like to prepare a morning tea to reharge the batteries? 
An suitable break and practical at the same time, in order to convey a good image of your company.

You can choose from: 

  • Savoury; Sandwiches, mini-sandwiches..
  • Sweet: biscuits , pastries, mini-cupcakes..
  • Mixed: a little bit of sweet and a little bit of savoury
  • Innovative ideas: we can create imaginative finger food, like spoonfulls of cereal and yoghurt, or mini brownies.
  • Healthy starts: with fruit and organic products.
  • Always accompanied by the best juices, coffees and teas...

    We can make your business morning tea delicious and fruitful (ideal for networking) 


    If you would like we can also help in choosing the best place to have your business meeting or we can contract the best services. Minimum 25 people, 


      Contact us and we will prepare your coffee break