A lot of famous people have made Baby showers popular.

They are parties to share the joy and celebrate the birth of your baby, with presents, something to eat..

Imagine, for example, an afternoon tea, with all your friends, from work, your sister, your mum... they’ve all come after receiving such an endearing invitation. Here they all are sharing wonderful things to eat and are ready to be surprised. And you with an enormous smile on your face (nearly as big as your belly!!)

Are you ready to organise your Babyshower? 

OK! Get ready to work! You ( and your belly ) can decide on:

  • The number of guests: woud you prefer an intimate party or do you like being the soul of the party?
  • The style: Are you super sweet or are you a future rocker mum?
  • Type of decoration: Do you want balloons, or perhaps photos of all your guests when they were little, or a photcall to remember this moment of you with your belly?
  • What will be there to eat? Would like you like savoury treats or do you prefer sweet things. You could always surprise your guests with a Candy Bar that never fails to delight. We could prepare an enormous cake that presides over the table.
  • Each guest could receive a small gift in memory of the occasion
  • Would you like to organise fun activities such as decorating bibs and bodies with buttons, mini bow ties... The little one will be delighted by all these things created by his “aunties”
  • Are only girls invited or can the boys come too?

We would love to help to carefully prepare this special moment.

And for you, mother-to-be, we’ll have juice and milk shakes ( nothing with alcohol!)

Do you want to celebrate the arrival of your baby?