Birthday Parties

Birthday parties aren’t just for kids. Wrinkles are beautiful!

Perhaps it’s been a difficult year?
Or, perhaps you just want to get together the people you love ( Ahhhh!)
Or perhaps you just want to make your tennis buddies jealous (Don’t worry! We’ll keep it as a secret!)

You don't need an excuse for a party, we can give you a memorable birthday party, just because you deserve it!

Would you like a party with a free bar and lots of a country house?
Or are you a Peter Pan type, forever young, who would like everyone to dress up in fancy dress? Perhaps you’d like to celebrate your 40th in a limosine, toasting with a bottle of Moet & Chandon?

Give your party a lift! 

Do you imagine having a party on a boat or perhaps a themed party (Hawaiian)
Decorate your party according to the latest trends
Have a Candy Bar. No one can resist!
Have a karaoke party or hire a DJ?
And, don’t forget photos to record the event or to put on Instagram. However you want to do it, we can hire you a photographer.

Please note: dont work with us if:

  • Your idea of fun is an afternoon in the library
  • If you’re happy with crisps and a drink. We create unforgettable parties!
  • You don’t like being the centre of attention. Sorry, but our parties convert you into the most charismatic person in the world with out the need for Lynx aftershave!


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