Theme parties

Would you like an 80’s party with 80’s music and clothes?

Would you like to “travel’ to Japan for the night and eat and live the night Japanese style?

With our theme parties we can transport you to any place or time!

You just need to choose the theme:

Carnival Brazilian style

Under the sea

Pirate adventure


Masked ball, Venetian style

Hat party!

There are infinite options!

We make the difficult easy!

We are a professional staff who can:

  • Create spectacular decoration
  • Think about the outfits and accessories
  • Choose an appropriate thematic menu
  •  Would you like a photographer? ( When you put your photos on Facebook they will cause a sensation!)
  • Live music, a DJ?
  • Entertainment?

Ens encarreguem de tot!

We are going to tell you a little story... John wanted to organise a theme party for his daughter and he told us that she is a fan of the Twilight series. Fantastic we organised a theme dinner in her honour.

If you would like to do the same, tell us about the things that you like and we can get to work.

1. Imagine your event; what are your hobbies? What do you like?
2. Contact ExitEvents
3. We’ll get to work! We are the experts in parties and events. We can help you to design and prepare any kind of event according to your budget.

Do you want to tell us what you would like for your theme party?