Wedding anniversaries

Do you know the meaning of all wedding birthdays


How many years have you been married?

Wow, how time flies! Even today these anniversaries still have value and deserve to be celebrated. 

The best-known celebrations of weddings are the Silver, Gold and Platinum, but you can celebrate many more. 


- Paper Wedding Anniversary celebrates the first year of marriage

- Steel Wedding Anniversary celebrates 10 years of marriage

- Porcelain Wedding Anniversary, 20 years

- Silver Jubilee Anniversary, 25 years

- Pearl Anniversary, 30 years

- Ruby Wedding Anniversary, 40 years

- Sapphire Wedding Anniversary, 45 years

- Golden Jubilee Anniversary, 50 years


How do your imagine your wedding anniversary?

  • In a restaurant?
  • In a country house?
  • In a banquet room?
  • At home?
  • Would you like some kind of service or renewal of your vows?

Soothing You imagine ... that we put everything into action

Whether you would like a private party or a large celebration, we'll make it so children, godparents, witnesses and friends all enjoy it with you.
Do not let headaches take over the excitement of this event, contact us. Relax and have fun. Put the romantics in command! ;-)

Do you want to tell us what you would like for your birthday party?