Roser Rodríguez

Roser Rodríguez

I have always been dedicated to organizing events . Ever since I was a little girl I organised fictitious events , brownies made ​​with clay , sand cakes and decorated with wild flowers (pure glamor !) .

My name is Roser and I have been professionally dedicated to organizing events for over 10 years. As you can guess , it is a job that I love, and I consider myself fortunate to have created an agency decicated in doing this.

But passion and training must go hand in hand . So I studied for a  Diploma and Bachelor of Communication, as well as  Advertising and Public Relations. I have worked in public administration and in the hospitality and tourism industries  as an event planner and public relations officer. In addition I have had  professional formation in these fields. And at home they say I must  have a Masters of the Universe in order to make  days 25 hours!

I do not need the labels of "wedding planner" or "event designer " . For me the best thing is your happy smile at the end of the event, happy that everything turned out okay (ahhhhh !)

I like:

  • To travel to disconnect and come back with new ideas for our events ( And a beautiful beaches there is always a wedding)
  • Decoration.
  • Good food
  • Having a coffee with my friends
  • Having a coffee with couples who have just got married and seeing their photos.
  • Drinking coffee whilst creating things for events. I love it!
  • Mmm... having a coffee, full stop!
  • Obviously I can assure you if need a coffee break we sill serve you the best!! 

Now that you know me a little better ... do you want me to be part of your dream or project? 

Maybe you are thinking "Why use ÈxitEvents if we can do this ourselves?"

  • You will save time: you will save yourself on things you hadn’t expected, you won’t need to have a thousand quotes for everything ...  ÈxitEvents assemble events every day, so we have it all ready. And you will be much more relaxed in order to enjoy the event.
  • We will save you money. Yes, really. Do the sums: we get the best deals from restaurants, caterers, florists ... and we know who are the best.
  • We will save you money. Yes, really. Do the sums: we get the best deals from restaurants, caterers, florists ... and we know who are the best!
  • We will spare you many "I told you so." Because events are like football: everyone knows best!

 Let me share with yout some stories. In these last few years I have seen everything...: 

- A bride with a stained dress before the wedding even started.

- A CEO allergic to aystrers with a seafood buffet in front of them.

- A catering company with everyone off sick at the last minute...

Are you sure that you do not want to have a team of professionals around just in case?

No, I am not Superwoman, but together with my team we can organise it all.