Balloon release

Imagine that it is your wedding day. You’re there with your friends and family (so is your mother-in-law’s friend with her awful hat!)

Everyone has a balloon, they are told to make a wish and your favourite song plays.

200...300...500 balloons are released into the air. Magical!

Isn’t this a romantic and colourful image?

What a thing to give to your make a wish and let it fly!


Why give us the job of organizing the balloon release?

  • You can’t just use any old balloons. There are many types of balloon that burst in sunlight or on contact with water.
  • We can judge the correct amount of balloons
  • They can fit in with the theme of the wedding
  • The balloons are helium filled so that they fly
  • We give them out to the guests and organize it they fly all at once.
  • And all of this with the “smile guarantee”

Let your imagination fly ....with the balloons!