Candy Bar

You can call it the candy bar, sweet trolley or dessert buffet. Or you can call it “the table that makes your clothes shrink”

Why do we call it this? Because sweet things and deserts conatin calories (only a few, but don’t worry you’ll burn them up dancing!) Calories are horrible little things that come into your wardrobe at night and make all your clothes shrink!)

Anyway, let’s get back to what we were talking about!

Sweet trolleys (cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, candies) are perfect  to satisfy those guests who have a sweet tooth.

A table or space full of little pleasures. Difficult to resist!

An unforgetable memory for friends and family who will say that it was the children who ate them all (Don’t believe them!)

This personal touch will make mouths water!

As well as this it will be at the end of the wedding to give people the energy to dance!

Why is it better to allow us to make the Candy Bar?

  • The height, texture, colour and decoration of the sweet trolley is important.
  • The quantity is crucial so that there is enough for everyone and that the trolley looks full and tempting.
  • We can personalize everything so it fits in with the rest of the theme of the wedding.
  • We understand the best way to serve these sweet treats in a practical and hygienic manner.
  • We can customize the candy bar according to the needs of your guests (according to allergies..etc)
  • We can make sure that the sweet things are fresh and tasty

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