Getting married in Costa Brava

Bright sunshine

Mediterranean food, whether it be tapas, serrano ham, good wine...

Beautiful surroundings; cliffs, marine reserves, botanical gardens, dream-like woods...

Do you dream of getting married on the Costa Brava? Its beaches and countryside will leave your guests amazed by its beauty.

More ideas to inspire you to organize your wedding on the Costa Brava: 

We can prepare a wedding next to the sea. We know the best places and how to decorate them... all to make it perfect for you.

If you don’t want to get sand in between your toes we can organize a Costa Brava wedding in a chapel, in a park, in a private house..

If you live overseas we can help you organize everything so that you are able to fully enjoy your big day. We can help you with the appropriate legal documentation, find the best place to buy flowers or help you hire a photgrapher. We can help find accommodation and transport for your guests...

If you do live overseas - no problem! We have experience organising international weddings. 

How do we do it? 

1. Internet makes it all so much easier. We can contact you via emails and Skype.

2. We can make the most of your trips to Spain without stressing you out but by maximizing your time here. You can do all of this preparation with a smile and the confidence that it will all turn out well.

Do you want a wedding on the Costa Brava?