Wedding Planner


We do not want you remember your wedding day as being stressful (the pimple that you got because of  nerves!), the photographer who did not come, the risk of rain (and you without a plan B !), food served cold (and your best friends face when she tried it!) ...

We will not fail in allowing you to enjoy your big day.

Your wedding only happens once and should be filled only with emotions. (Oh how sweet!).

With our help , we guarantee that you will be able to immensely enjoy each moment of your special day.


For us your wedding is unique!.

  • Everything that you dreamed of.
  • A wedding that will thrill and amaze even yourselves.

  • One that the guests all shed a tear aswell as your mother.

  • A mouth opener for your sister in law.

  • Interesting for the kids.

  • And why not?  They should remember it forever. Right?


We love weddings!

We would like to share with you the secrets and enjoyment of preparing the day, resolve those issues that seem huge to you, but for us are easily resolved.


You may wonder about paying a wedding planner when you coul do it yourself.  


1. Organizing a wedding is like the first time you meet the in-laws : everything has to be perfect and all the details sorted. Or like the presentation of the Oscars! You have to be radiant , adhering to your style, but at the same time, radiant.

Leave it in the hands of professionals with over 10 years experience!

2. We do not want your wedding to be just like everyone else’s. It's yours ! Together we can create a unique and unforgettable experience . We are always thinking about original decorations, interesting details , innovative ideas... surprise your guests ! We know about hidden and beautiful places that we can show you;-)

3. Save yourselves time. We know all the suppliers and so everything is streamlined. It seems like we have super powers when beautiful weddings have been organized in less than three months!

4. Save yourselves money. Together we choose the venue, photographers, caterers , musicians ... that best fit your needs , and we can negotiate the best terms. You will be surprised to see our rates, contact us.

5. Concern rating = '0 ' : Can you imagine having to worry about everything? About the catering,  the musicians , if there is the special menu for an allergic uncle ... Or worse : do you really want to delegate all this work to your sister or your best friend? They also want to enjoy your day ... With us you have the stamp of " guarantee of peace " for you to enjoy one of the most special days of your life. You can devote your time to your guests – the people that you want to be with -, without having to worry about anything else.

Let me speak directly to you. For a moment , breathe and imagine that day , with the dress you have dreamed of wearing: your mother holding your hand while you look in the mirror with your gorgeous outfit , with nothing to worry about, unhurried . It is this moment that you had always dreamed of, right? Do not let anything take it away. It's yours and you deserve it . (Wipe off that sweat, cry and continue ) .

In our services we include: 

  • Tissues for when your mother cries.
  • A drink ready for your brother
  • Tailored made advice!
  • A “ keep me calm “ kit and we’ll keep telling you the same thing: that wedding nerves shared = less nerves!!

If you want to know more details on how to organize a!